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Thread: Hey Sal - thank you!

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    Hey Sal - thank you!


    Just wanted to take a second to thank you and the entire group at Spyderco for providing the new Manix 2 S110V to your customer base.

    I'm the guy that asked about a Manix 2 w/S30V over on another forum. While I am sure that this knife was in the planning stages long before I asked about putting together the great aspects of the LW with an outstanding steel, it sure seems like this was a direct response to the comments made in that thread and in threads on this forum.

    That is one of the great things about you & Spyderco - you have the pulse of your customers firmly under your collective thumbs. So thanks, Sal, for listening and giving your customers what they want. Spyderco are simply great folks to do business with.
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    Sal, Eric, and crew, thank you for the S110V Manix lightweight. I will surely be carrying it as the weather gets warmer!

    I can't ask for much more than this in a knife.
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    Amen brothers!
    Time for another !


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    And for this reason, I only buy Spyderco!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyderNut View Post
    And for this reason, I only buy Spyderco!
    Yup, same here...

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    Mine hasn't arrived yet but I'd like to say thank you in advance. I really like the color and the choice of FRN. I also love FFG blades. I'm not much of a steel guy so I would have just as happy with S30V. But who knows, I've never used S110V. Maybe I'll love it.

    I would like a Combo Edge though. But I'm sure there aren't many others.

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