This is not a new lube but it is popular with gun owners. I was lucky to get a 4oz bottle free from a friend cleaning their garage. Internet research shows it is a synthetic lube base with a molybdenum component.

Anyway I tried on my knives and have been pleasantly surprised. My Para2 opens super smooth. My Delica which was a stiff knife to open is much better and I can open it for the first time with the Spyder Hole. The Southard seemed to get stiffer at first but it is getting better with use.

I haven't seen much talk here about this particular product. Made by Pantheon. This is not intended to spark a which lube is better debate as I feel all lubes are good. The popular ones here like Nano Oil and Froglube are excellent products I'm sure. I just hope to get some opinions and feedback from those in the know and those who have used this product. Thanks.