I've been lurking for about a year, finally joined the forums this morning. I have been an on off knife enthusiast for most of my life. Different brands litter my meager collection, but I have noticed a trend that spyderco knives have started to multiply. I am a user and won't purchase a safe queen. Spyderco is the best company, I've found, that blends aesthetics with high performance seamlessly. I have learned a wealth of information while perusing the forums. There are some VERY bright people on here! I purchased a sharpmaker a year ago due to the positive reviews read on here and can say that it has been the single best purchase I've ever made regarding knives. It did not take a lot of practice to put incredibly sharp edges on all of my knives. I also am very impressed by the owner, Mr. Sal Glesser's presence on here. Shows a lot when the owner of the company cares enough about his business to personally address questions and concerns over his products. The company, though enormously popular, still has that small family business feel. I love it. Keep up the good work! Look forward to many more informative hours broadening my knowledge of spyderco knives!