So I picked up a techno a few weeks ago and have been carrying this pretty regular since. I really like the knife, ergo's and just overall look and feel of the knife. I haven't found much in my daily use this does not excel at even with the thick blade, but the one thing which is a little difficult for me is opening this knife slowly. I first thought it would be a great work knife due to the smaller less intimidating size, but the detent is so strong on my example I really have a hard time opening the knife in a slow, controlled manner. It is not that the action is rough or the pivot too tight, it just has one heck of a detent. I don't want to complain too much, because I hate having a loose detent that I worry about unintentional opening (not a question with the techno) but this one is tough to overcome. It flys out with a thumb flick, but as I said I would rather open slowly for the most part. Anyone else find this to be especially stiff??? I am not sure if there is any way to break this in (or just open and use it alot).