I arrived home Wednesday and I've now had a couple of days to handle my yojimbo 2. This is a spectacular knife. Really. There is nothing new I can say about it so I will just repeat a couple of the praises that everyone else seems to share.

The ergonomics are awesome. I imagine this knife would make a great s.d. tool, but I bought it purely as an edc/utility blade and seems about perfect for that role. The grip is just amazing. The most comfortable and natural grip is with the thumb resting along the spine. The control this grip offers coupled with the fine tip make this a very precise and effective tool to work with. Outstanding!

The compression lock...well, I have owned a few paramilitaries and I'm pretty familiar with the lock, but this knife is a very fine example. This yojimbo locks up like a bank vault. Zero play in any direction...and this from a guy who is OCD about bladeplay. There is NONE! ZERO!! And the blade will still freefall when the lock is depressed! I didn't know this was even possible as I was never able to get any of my paramilitaries to behave this precisely. Anyway, I'm going to just chalk that up to getting a lucky copy until I can handle some more. Whatever the reason, I'm extremely happy with it! I have barely put this thing down since I got it and my girlfriend is starting to roll her eyes everytime she hears the lock click.

Anyway, no sense rambling on about all the same great things about this knife that can be found in any thread or video. Suffice it to say that I am extremely pleased with the blade. I think it is a truly outstanding design.


--And to Michael Janich...Mike, I am a big fan of Sal Glessers designs. I love spyderco knives, but it seems to be Sals designs specifically that feel like they were designed just for my hand and uses. I've tried a lot of the spyderco collaborations and though I can appreciate all of them, I have never felt that connection to any of them that I get with Sals designs...until now. This knife that you designed is something special sir. Very well thought out and very well implemented! Thank you.

Sal, I reckon y'all outta see if you can get this guy to hang around for a little while!