I have several knives that I've customized (acid stonewashing, titanium anodizing, etc.), and I don't trust myself to put a top-notch edge on them. I'm looking for a gleaming, polished edge like I've seen people achieve with the Wicked Edge and paper wheels. I'm not interested in spending the money and time to learn how to do this correctly, either.

I searched for local and mail-in sharpening services. I took one knife to a well regarded store in SoCal, and they didn't mess the knife up, but the edge isn't as nice as what I've seen some of you accomplish. I found one place online that is located in San Diego County (Sharpening Shack) that says they do Wicked Edge, but I've emailed and called over the course of 3 months and they've never responded to either type of message. I'm not going to mail anything to them, obviously.

Can anyone recommend an option for me? I'm willing to pay for perfection.