KANSAS ACTION ALERT! CALL and EMAIL your state legislators NOW! The Knife Rights knife law preemption fix bill in Kansas has been rolled into HB2578 through a series of legislative machinations. It doesn't really matter how we got here, the important point is that HB2578 is up for a vote and needs your support NOW!

This bill will clearly and unambiguously make any existing local knife laws more restrictive than the state law we passed last year null and void. This fix is needed as a result of an irrational opinion by the Attorney General which concluded that bill did not affect restrictions in effect prior to its enactment. This bill essentially reverses that opinion.

Call or Email your legislator in BOTH the House and Senate and ask them to vote to "adopt the conference committee report on HB2578." The conference committee report will be before the legislature as soon as tomorrow so PLEASE contact them NOW!

Click HERE to locate your Representative and Senator.