So I made 3 new purchases over the last 2 weeks to include the Gayle Bradley, Stretch super blue and the Paramilitary 2. I've been rotating the three every day and lightly using to cut boxes, food prep, paracord and a few other mundane daily tasks and I have to say between the 3 it's and easy pick for my favorite. The Paramilitary 2 wins hands down at this point for me. I now completely understand why mostly everyone in here has praised the Paramilitary 2 so much. I only wished I hadn't waited so long to buy one. Everyday I am not carrying the PM2 I find myself wishing I was. It just fits in my hand perfectly and I absolutely love the compression lock. I love the looks of my GB and I love the cutting ability of the stretch super blue but there is just something about the PM2 that I love more than either of them. Anyways, thanks to all on this forum for providing a plethora of information and countless reviews on these knives. I am confident in all 3 and feel like I have some of the best that Spyderco has to offer. At this point I may have to buy a different variant of the PM2 I love it so much. Thanks again to all for the valuable info in this forum. Cheers TPK