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Thread: Manix Madness!

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    Talking Manix Madness!

    Manix madness...

    Manix 2 154CM

    Manix 2 Lightweight CTS-BD1

    Manix 2 DLC CPM-S30V

    Manix 2 Sprint CTS-XHP

    Manix 2 XL CPM-S30V

    I just like the knife I guess...

    Assist VG-10 Dodo CPM S30V Endura4 VG-10 Manix2 CTS-XHP, CPM-Cruwear, CPM-M4, CPM-S110V, CPM-S30V, CTS-BD1, 154CM Manix2 XL CPM-S30V
    Native CPM-S30V Para-Military2 CTS-204P, CPM-S30V Sage3 CPM-S30V Tasman Salt H1 Temperance2 VG-10 Yojimbo CPM-S30V Yojimbo2 CPM-S30V

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    I know what you mean.

    Nice pics.

    I need to find me some Manix 2 sprints.

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    Time for another !


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    very nice little hoard u have going there
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    Nice manix collection
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    A nice start to your Manix collection. It's a great model to try and collect. Lots of variants and Sprints.
    My 's:
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    Nice Collection.

    I traded my Blue one away a couple of weeks ago... and the guy almost immediately put it up for trade for some Benchmade.

    Where is the Orange one?
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    Though I'm not intent on collecting all its variations, I'm mad for the Manix, too. My M4 Manix2 has pretty much kept other Spydie models I love out of my pocket for the past six months.

    USUAL CARRY: Air/Techno plus one from Manix/Native/Para/Caly/Stretch series. RECENT ARRIVAL: Cruwear Manix2. ON MY RADAR: CF S110V Native5 (pre-ordered); VG10 Caly 3.5. HOLY GRAILS: Superhawk; Manix (C95 FFG PE); S90V Manix2 (C101 "Mini" or 80mm). DREAMS: Tatanka (the long-awaited Bison!); Sage5.

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