I've found so many posts here, on other forums & of course YouTube with the same question regarding these models - Did I purchase a fake???
Having to ask this question in the first place makes it fairly evident that you may have purchased one of these knives from a less than reliable source. It seems that Everyone on ebay has a connection with Spyderco now - Johnny come lately has a few extra Militarys or PM2's hes willing to part with.. Not all sellers, but some are taking advantage of the lack of supply & hawking the copy's as the real deal for a quick buck. Some guys run the same game on forums. They buy a "lot" of say 10 fakes @ around $12 a pop & flip them at anywhere between $80 & $110 or so. They auction them also, let greed do the work for them.. Its understandable that the fact these knives are in short supply (mostly the PM2) can make a person jump on a good deal if they see one (thats what these guys rely on & here it comes...) But as is said if it sounds to good to be true... & so on.
Buy from a dealer that's been in the business & stands behind the products they sell Save yourself a headache (& wallet ache). Even if you have to be a bit patient & wait - in the end you won't have that nagging question....
Just my last thoughts.. For what they are worth..