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Thread: which type of knife do you love most?

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    which type of knife do you love most?

    Dear all,
    New to here, what kind of knife do you love most?
    Looking for super knife users, If you are interested in test knife, please contact
    Choose your favourite knife to test now!

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    on my way to the mountain
    If I had to pick one, a serrated hawkbill like the spydie Spyderhawk.
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    Well all is said and done, a nice slipjoint. Something like this:
    Name:  Chamblin_LSCF_whittler.jpg
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    For me it has to be the Endura, large blade, thick spine, slim profile, light weight, strong lockback, easy to open one handed, good ergos, pocket clip.
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    I love the Caly most of all. Slim, one-hand opening, mid-lock, deep carry clip, thumb ramp, skeletonized liners, adjustable pivot, ..... I can't think of a feature that I don't like.
    My 's:
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    One that looks as good as it cuts...

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    Welcome to the forum. Wow, that is a difficult question to answer. Do you mean Spyderco knives only, or any brand and type?

    Honestly, and this may shock some people, but if I could have only ONE SINGLE KNIFE from the SPYDERCO would be the Spyderco Caspian Salt with pointed tip.
    I mean, I like all kinds, Hawkbills, Enduras, Puma folders, fixed blade diving knives, etc, but I would have to say the design that leaps out at me the most, is the Caspian Salt.
    Here is an image of it:

    Unfortunately, it is currently discontinued.

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    Originally out of Arizona, currently live in Missouri.
    The Karambit, of course. But a good, solid, straight spear point blade floats my boat pretty well too.
    Spyderco Knives (in order of obtainment):
    -Tenacious G-10, Combo edge
    -Tasman Salt, PE
    -Persistence Limited Edition Blue G-10, PE
    -Pacific Salt, Black, PE
    -Delica 4, Grey FRN, Emerson Wave, PE
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    -DiAlex Junior, G10, PE
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    Which TYPE knife:

    Titanium framelock! of which:

    Sage 2
    no not the Techno
    other brands
    Waiting for....Calypso Jr.,


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    Thumbs up The One in My Pocket!

    Hi Folks!

    My most beloved blade? That would be the one in my pocket, of course!

    Right now, this little tank:

    Stay Sharp!

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    I would have top say The Native 4 SE. But i dont carry it cause i can't get it clean and loosened up.
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    Locking folders in the 2.5" to 4" blade range are generally my favorites.

    Specifically the Para 2 is my favorite knife I've ever owned so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LC Kid View Post
    Hi Folks!

    My most beloved blade? That would be the one in my pocket, of course!

    Right now, this

    delica ffg,endura ffg,pm2 black/black,delica sb,caly3.5 g10,caly3 sb,S90V military

    Quote Originally Posted by JAfromMN
    My favorite Spyderco is the one that I used the most Today

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    I don't understand the question....


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    Something with negative angle like the Tuff/GB.
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    I have interest in several different types of knives:

    For EDC I like good quality folders in the 3.5-4" range, G10 or Micarta scales, good steel, keen point, plain edge, tip-down pocket clip, thumb studs or thumb hole. Lock type should be liner lock, frame lock, axis lock, BBL or compression lock. Some of my favorites are Paramilitary 2, Manix 2, Manix 2 XL, Military.

    I collected custom hunting knives for a long time and I still find a lot of them interesting.

    I've gotten interested in looking at handmade bowies although I don't think I'll every be buying many of them.

    I have some interest in looking at "tactical" knives although I don't know that I need one or really know how to evaluate them.

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    short answer...the one that I will use

    a "user" for me must be:

    a. relatively thin behind the edge and pointy.
    b. light enough to carry that I hardly realize it's there, with a small footprint.
    c. reliable lock (midlock or liner is best IMHO)
    d. easily serviceable stainless steel (I'm a low-maintenance type guy)

    that's why I carry: for small folder = Manbug, med. duty = Caly Jr. & Chapparal, large carry = Caly 3.5, or Millie
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Deacon View Post
    One that looks as good as it cuts...

    Those are nice have good taste in knives....AND revolvers !
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    My favourite knife is the the chaparral series. Extremely high f&f with a thin blade and small compact package. pack a lot of cutting power for a relatively small knife
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    A high-quality carbon steel machete with a canvas micarta handle that has been hand sharpened with a nice convex grind - Mmmmmmmmmmm....


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