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Thread: Forum Upgrade - Mar-2014

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    Forum Upgrade - Mar-2014

    So, you've probably noticed by now that we did a full upgrade on the forum. We apologize for the lack of notice for the outage, but we had no choice. We had to install some security patches that vBulletin released on Friday. As most all of you witnessed, those didn't go so well. Put simply, those patches broke the forum. The only option we had left was to take the forum down, upgrade the version and then rebuild our formatting as best as we could. You'll notice some differences, but I believe most of them are for the better. You'll also notice a difference when you log on through a mobile device. The site will look the same, but it will render better, and it will scale appropriately.

    If you find any issues, please let me know by posting in the following thread (not this one please), (One improvement... links will now appear with a line under them )

    Thanks for hanging in there with us!

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    Thanks Kristi, looks great!
    Time for another !


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    Hey Kristi, I've noticed a few things but that thread in your post no longer exists.

    Where should we post issues?

    Nevermind. My fault. Found it.
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