Hi guys, my first post here . Sadly its in this section..
I became interested in the paramilitary 2 sometime back & started my usual research before jumping in blindly. I found out quickly that a lot of fakes had begun to saturate the market. After waiting patiently, I finally found the model I wanted for sale in slightly used condition (C81GBK2). After it arrived I was happy to see the thumb jumping was slanted & there was no indent (very small like a micro choil at the beginning of the grind - a dead giveaway of a knockoff). Also the cutaway for accessing the compression lock was correct & the pivot screw took a larger bit than the scale/body screws. A couple other details matched up also.
OK rambling out of the way - I just came across a para 2 camo/black with DLC coated liners & lock bar. It looks sick, but is this an improvement as Spyderco is well known for adding or another giveaway of a fake?? The knife looks leget but the date code on the box was DL (4\12) thats a red flag to me.

Anyway here's my baby - I pretty sure she's real