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Plus, at least some of them do not "play well" with serrations. ZDP-189 being a prime example.

But, overall, as Blake noted, it's simple economics. If the serrated version of a knife sells well, it stays in the lineup, the Police, the various Rescue blades, the entire Salt series, and the various hawkbill and reverse S bladed models prove that. OTOH, if the serrated version of a given model doesn't sell, it gets the axe. Spyderco got stuck having to close out the serrated versions of custom collaborations at a loss so often that they stopped offering serrations on any of them about ten years back.
I always thought that ZDP-189 played well with serrations, but ZDP-189 didn't play well with the equipment that grinds the serrations.

I'm a sucker for FFG and Serrations.

Really, I adore full serrated models and each time I see a model discontinued I'm a bit saddened, but then I move onto the next new model that is coming.