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Thread: Show your custom Bushcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by toomzz View Post
    Hi Wrdwrght, nope, that is just a reflection. I used the blade already and resharpened it a couple of times. 'Scandi' is a new experience to me, and I am trying to keep the bevel as flat as original Scandi should be. Although don't blame if through time the bevel becomes convex
    Good to know.

    I am also new to scandi grinds.

    One of the things I learned watching a sharpening video by Ray Mears is that the scandi grind is meant to be just one big bevel for ease of maintenance. In consequence, when I see (or think I see) a microbevel on a scandi grind, I wonder why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toomzz View Post
    Thank you all. One more for the road, my new BC in the field. I went for a walk in the forest yesterday with my wife and dog and took a few pics in the wild. Enjoy. Of course all the leather stuff is handmade in my own workshop.

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    Tomas, your work never fails to impress. Thanks for sharing friend.
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