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Thread: Dang it - is my Military fake?

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    Dang it - is my Military fake?

    Hi Folks,

    I recently bought a Military from a 3rd party dealer on Amazon for $129 or so. I'm concerned it might be a (very, very close) fake. The biggest reason is the font and positioning of the "Spyderco CPM S30V" on the blade. It appears to be further to the left than it should be, off of center, and the font looks wrong. Every other one I've seen has the writing closer to centered, see here:

    Also, the lanyard loop just doesn't look right. The metal isn't shiny like on the photos I've seen online, and the G10 is raised up slightly around the lanyard loop, like the loop was jammed in there. You can also see glue residue (very, very small amount) around the lanyard loop.

    I will say that it the blade FEELS and looks like S30V, but I'm sure that is possible also.

    Let me know what you guys think (see photos). No "Edge-U-Cation" or warranty cards were included.


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