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Thread: CPM-VG10 (or something like that)

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    CPM-VG10 (or something like that)

    We all see what powdered metallurgy can do to 154-cm in the form of CPM-154, and I know the CPM process is trademarked by Crucible, but why haven't we seen anything coming out of Japan along the lines of powdered VG10 or powdered Superblue. Imagine those steels! I'm fairly certain they have the capacity, as I'm pretty sure ZDP-189 is powdered. At least in America, those steels would most likely be instant winners just like CPM-154. Is there something in their composition that doesn't lend itself to powdering?
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    FWIW, "CPM" is a Crucible trademark, and I'm sure some of the particle metalurgy steels that Crucible makes are patented, but the process itself is fairly widespread. So I guess the question would be whether or not VG-10 as we know it today already particle steel and, if not, what benefit, if any that technique would add.
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    And I will add this: Could H-1 be made into powder particulates, or, would that not be doable for the specific processing?

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    I understand CPM is just powder processing similar to ZDP-189, Cowry-X and a few others.

    In general it seems the Japanese rely on no-carbide (low) carbon steels to PM stainless.

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