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Thread: Snow shoeing ???

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    Snow shoeing ???

    Does any one do it?? I have a ton of questions.. What works for you?? What kind of shoes?? And so on... THANKS in advance!!! John
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    I'm interested too. I have always wanted to try it.
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    My wife and daughter and I were out walking on Lake Ontario today, thank God for the ice , watching the ice fishers and sail boarders but wished we had some snow shoes as the snow is about 6" or so. Not that deep but we're thinking of getting snow shoes so we can walk in the woods and such. Last time I went snow shoeing was with my Dad about 35 years ago. I see snow shoes in the stores but have no idea what are good and what are garbage.
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    I'm starting to think about this also, with all the snow on the ground! You are stranded if there is 2+ feet of snow on the ground, and the roads are impassable.

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