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Thread: "Packing" at church?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Officer Gigglez View Post
    I don't go to church, but you can bet I'd carry in one. Just because you're in the "house of god," does not mean that the lowlifes won't ruin your day.
    Churches are generally soft targets. Estranged spouses and brutal ex-boyfriends sometimes show up to make a scene or demand money.

    That’s one reason why it’s good to have a “smiling” greeter at the entrance to help defuse the butheads
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    If I were a pathetic maniac looking to be infamous, there are a few places I'd go to to shoot unarmed fish in a barrel. Yup, church would be right up there. Just saying.... If you have a CCW, bring a small pistol with you in case a pathetic maniac ever shows up.
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