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Thread: Changing (editing) a thread title after it has been saved???

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    Changing (editing) a thread title after it has been saved???

    I don't seem to be able to change (edit) a thread title after I initially post the first post. Is there a way to do it? Or is it how you saved it the first time permanently, typos and all.


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    Now, I know I can host images elsewhere and just use the IMAGE tags to direct link to the hosted pictures, but sometimes I like to upload straight to the forum, as you never know if the free image host providers are going to be around in ten years. On the older threads especially, I see blank spots where the pictures were formerly but that have now been moved or the host folded or something. I figure that if the pictures are hosted directly with Spyderco, then the images will be around for as long as the forum is.
    Can pictures be moved from one album to another within the forum albums?

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