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Thread: real para 2?

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    Hard to tell from those pics, but it's a low feedback seller from outside the US. That alone is a big red flag IMO...

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    It's probably real but no way I would gamble. Plus it's $111 currently with $15 shipping which isn't far from normal street price let alone retail cost once a place like Cutlery Shoppe gets them back in.

    Personally I would buy something else and wait until Spyderco catches up with production. Plenty of great Spydies out there. The trend should be there for a while .

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    The knife in the photos may be real, but the knife whoever purchased it receives will almost certainly be a fake. The chances of receiving a legitimate Spyderco (or, for that matter, any other name brand knife) from a seller located in China are roughly equivalent to those of getting struck by lightening while sitting in your living room on a sunny, cloudless day.
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    Definitely a fake, look at the cutout for the compressionlock on pic 2.
    The real one looks completely different:

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