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Thread: Another Fake Endura!

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    Another Fake Endura!

    Though they are not using the name Spyderco or Endura, as far as I can tell, it is a fake using similiar shape. Am I right?

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    That looks like a cross between the Endura and Police models...definitely a blatant rip off though. Copyright infringement doesn't translate into Mandarin or Cantonese evidently, given how many of these fraudsters are ripping Spyderco off. The problem is vastly larger in scope than the knife market too.
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    The Navy K631 has been around for a long time, and it's possible that without it we wouldn't have the Byrd range. Sal was smart to basically one-up the copiers and make his own "copies" of popular Spyderco knives in China and sell them in the US.

    Yes, it's obviously heavily "inspired" by various Spyderco models but technically, since it's not claiming to be a Spyderco, it's not a fake. You can fault them for the use of the round opening hole and the Boye dent which are, if I understand correctly, part of the Spyderco trademark though. If they'd use a non-round hole, and leave the dent out of the lockbar it would be basically the same as all the different copies of the Buck 110 that proliferated after that knife came out.

    If you own a G10 Byrd Cara Cara 2 it's extremely similar, although the Byrd will have a better heat treatment. Apparently of all the well known Chinese knife makers Navy's heat treatment is the worst.

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