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Thread: Slipping Spring on my Cara Cara

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    Slipping Spring on my Cara Cara

    I just got one of the new model Cara Cara's a couple days ago, and the spring is slipping.

    After opening and closing it a lot, it starts to slide forward to the point that it will no longer hold tension.

    I can take a small flat head and slide it back into place, but it would be nice if there was a more permanent solution.

    Any ideas?

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    Let me see if I understand this. Is it one of the following?

    You open the knife, it clicks to lock, the lock bar seats flush with the handle end of the blade spine. After that, you press on the spine of the blade and the lock bar lifts back up to the point where the lock releases and the blade will close? Essentially, this is operating like a slipjoint knife?

    Or does the lock bar shift towards the pivot? (I'm not sure how the lock would operate in this case.)
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    Sorry I just saw this and for some reason was not subscribed to the thread.
    The lock bar is fine, the spring inside the knife is not. It slides forward during operation to the point where it no longer holds tension.

    I have resolved the problem though.
    The notch or divot where the spring rests in the lock bar was not big enough and the spring was slipping out.

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