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Thread: Knife Book Recommendation

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    Knife Book Recommendation

    There is a book that I highly recommend to all of you, titled, "Hank Reinhardt's Book of Knives." It is excellent to read and has information and pictures of a wide assortment of fixed and folding knives and gives Hank's anecdotes, knowledge, and wisdom related to knives, knife fighting, daggers, and more. He also wrote a "Book of Swords".

    There is a section in which he endorses VG-10 Steel and the Spyderco Emerson Wave feature, there is a picture of an Emerson Wave Delica that he had as well as an older-model Endura without the Wave Opener.

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    I had the great privilege of working with Hank when I ran Paladin Press' video department. He was an amazing combination of a true Southern Gentleman, a worldly scholar, and one of the sneakiest and most skilled bladesmen I've ever met. His historical knowledge of knives, swords, and other arms was only surpassed by his in-depth understanding of how they actually worked in use. He was an amazing man and his books and videos belong in the library of every serious student of arms and armor. I miss him.

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