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Thread: Cara Cara Blade Rubbing When Closed

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    Cara Cara Blade Rubbing When Closed

    I posted this on the Byrd general discussion and got no responses, so I thought I would post it here since there is more traffic on the Spyderco side.

    When I close my New Cara Cara, I noticed that the belly of the blade at the end, rests on the handle inside. I think it's the piece that holds the spring.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if that is normal. I know some knives have extra pins, or a raised part near the hilt that keeps the blade "floating" when closed.

    I'm thinking of putting a little piece of felt or cork there, but if it's a defect then I'd prefer to send it back.

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    I would probably send it in.

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    Send it in. Spyderco will iron it out for you.
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