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Thread: New guitar - 1999 Tacoma Jumbo cutaway

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    New guitar - 1999 Tacoma Jumbo cutaway

    After not playing guitar for twenty years I've started lessons. I was fortunate to find a suitable guitar at a tiny music shop here in Sequim. Tacoma Guitars was an offshoot of the Young Chang Piano factory in Tacoma. After building guitars for Guild and Washburn they started producing their own guitars. Mine has a solid Sitka Spruce top and solid mahogany neck, back and sides. It has the then state of the art L.R.Baggs preamp system allowing you to blend a piezo under the bridge with a condenser microphone in the lower bout. Great low fretboard action worthy of a good electric. I find both the 1 3/4" nut and the 17" lower bout to be very comfortable.

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    Congratulations on the purchase - it's a shame that Tacoma guitars succumbed to the Fender kiss of death a few years ago. I have a Thunderchief acoustic bass guitar that I absolutely love and always gets compliments when I play it.

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    I don't know a darn thing about Guitars but I do know nice wood and good craftsmanship. That's a good looking guitar.

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    nice guit. i have a tacoma that i use for camping and road trips. they hold up. my pricier guitars rarely get played unless i'm recording or playing out. tacomas are great for "edc".

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    I have heard good things about Tacomas, particularly value for money in their price range. I hope you really enjoy it. I know I would. Jumbo cutaways are one of my favorite acoustic shapes.

    Personally I only have what most folks would call cheap instruments, but my woman actually encourages me or buys for me if she catches good enough deals, so I have a handful of guitars with different qualities I enjoy.
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