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Thread: Dying G10 - Experience, Warranty?

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    Dying G10 - Experience, Warranty?

    I want to dye the G10 on my Lava and Dragonfly black.

    I have black powder RIT dye, but I've never used it before.

    How does Spyderco feel about this, as far as voiding a warranty? I've noticed, after doing a search and reading through various threads by other people who have dyed their Spyderco knives, that there is a lack of responses by "Officials" at Spyderco regarding their stance on customers dying their knives different colors. I'm not sure if this means that they don't care either way, or refrain from commenting for other reasons.

    My biggest question is whether or not I should disassemble the knives and only dunking the G10 in the dye, so that I don't have to worry about rust forming in some corner because of the salt in the dye. I'm guessing that if I dyed it assembled, then soaked it in clean water afterwards, there would be little chance of corrosion, but I'm very curious what others have learned from experience.

    It would be great to hear, from a Spyderco rep', whether or not boiling an assembled knife in RIT dye voids warranty just as much as disassembly would, or if warranty would still be honored for an unrelated problem down the road with a knfie that had been dyed.

    Other than RIT dye, are there other methods to dye light colored G10 black?

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    Dyeing* just in case you search for more info haha.

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    I've only dyed one, but I disassembled it so warranty is void anyway. I figure I'll do some more voiding of the warranty now and actually make replacement scales. I'll probably get around to doing that in January, once I put in another order for materials.

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    Per the Warranty page of the Edge-U-Cation section of Spyderco's website:

    Spyderco’s warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, loss, improper handling, alterations, accident, neglect, disassembly, or improper sharpening.
    Don't know about you, and I can't speak for Spyderco, but I'd consider dying the handle to be an alteration even if the knife was not disassembled to do it. If they did honor the warranty, the knife you'd get back would almost certainly be the original color, as they tend to replace, rather than repair, defective knives. Of course, since almost all warranty issues are obvious the first time the knife is removed from the box, a person would not be taking much of a risk by voiding the warranty of one that has passed their personal inspection and would deserve no sympathy if they modified one without first making certain it's in good working order and discover a problem later on.
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    It would be their determination and what warranty problem you are experiencing (ie: if the altercation and problem coincide).

    While it technically falls into the category described by Paul there is often a degree of grace given provided. "Grace" being the key word and typically, but not always, received by polite requests.

    If you dye a knife I would assume it has no warranty similar to if anyone had their knife reground.

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    Paul has chapter and verse, but my observation from various bits posted over the years is that if the alteration doesn't cause the problem for which warranty service is sought, Spyderco would probably not refuse to honor the warranty. However, it is perfectly clear that if you disassemble the knives and do some damage (and there is at least one thread currently running here on that topic), you will not get warranty coverage. If you dunk the whole knife, you need to make sure you run the dye process properly and flush the knife very thoroughly afterwards.

    Personally, I'd skip it...

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