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Thread: Restroom horror story

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    Heck yeah I'd go after it! After all, it would only stink for a minute until I had a chance to wash it thoroughly. Granted, I might not be able to eat for a few days, but I can live with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipsted View Post
    Speaking of diving into toilets - has everyone seen the toilet scene from Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor? It takes this topic to a *whole 'nother level*.

    Thanks Ted, that scene is one of a few that flashed thru my mind when I read David's first post
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipsted View Post
    Speaking of diving into toilets - has everyone seen the toilet scene from Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor? It takes this topic to a *whole 'nother level*.
    Also makes me think of Slumdog Millionaire, where the kid is trapped in the outhouse and his idol is outside signing autographs. There's only one way out if he wants the photo signed...


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    No doubt I would go after my spydie. Rinse the nastiness off first, then stick it in my lab's autoclave for good measure, or if the handle can't withstand heat (FRN, etc.), I'll give a good soak in a 10% bleach solution followed by a soak in alcohol. (or maybe just bleach and holy water, but hopefully my cat-like reflexes will show up before anything bad happens.)

    My closest approximation to this was when I left my delica in a a pizza box and accidentally tossed the box in the recycling. Still, diving into the recycling bin is a far cry from a toilet.

    I didn't watch Slumdog or Trainspotting, but this toilet diving business reminded me of the scene from The Mummy Returns where Alex tries to escape.
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    I would plunge my hand in there to retrieve a Spydie. The average keyboard / mouse harbors more germs and bacteria than a truck stop restroom so a toilet would be less hazardous to your health.
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    Being someone who has bad dreams of public bathrooms, I don't know... I just don't know. I really just don't know.
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    My S90V CF Military took a dive in the porcelain bowl a few months ago. It was the first day I tried in-waistband carry (5 o'clock pos), and I completely forgot about it. When I yanked out my tucked-in shirt it went swimming.

    I fished it out in a sec without even thinking. Gave it a good wash, and later a proper disinfection that evening. At the time, I remember my biggest concern was if I chipped the CF or the edge, lol !

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    That's an interesting way to force a patina! D:

    I'd retrieve it for sure but I don't think it would be used for food prep anymore regardless of how much disinfectant was used.

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    During my pre-spydie days I always carried my knife in the bottom of my pocket by itself, because it was "bad luck" to put anything in there with it. Now that I use clips, I still go by that habit, but, if I dropped one in the john, I would definitely go after it. I've worked with all sorts of bacteria and am not afraid to deal with the ones in commodes. I've found that fire tongues are great for retrieving stuff in that situation, or if there's any spare trash bags around, you can use one for a water proof glove as Paul suggested with Bear's spare poop bags.

    This reminds me of how miserable I was as a kid when I was lying on my back about a quarter of a mile out on a fishing pier and my new white Tree Brand knife fell out of my pocket, went through a crack between two boards, and fell into about 15 feet of water. I still miss that knife
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    Retrieve, clean a bit, sell, buy a new one (just kidding)

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