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Thread: Handle material: C-TEK. Anyone seen or used it?

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    Handle material: C-TEK. Anyone seen or used it?

    I recently saw a picture of a straight razor with C-TEK used for handle material. It was red but there are lots of colors and in different levels of transparencies. A web site is sending me some samples to look at. Hope to get some soon to work with. Has anyone else worked with this stuff? If so, is it soft like kirinite or harder like micarta? Any info is appreciated. When I get a knife or razor done I'll post pictures.


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    I bought some awhile ago, along with some Kirinite, I just need to find the time to use it to make some scales. I bought a couple of different sizes of the hex "mesh" pattern in it. Just looking at the material, I think it will be great, if my poor skills don't mess it up . Haven't tried cutting or grinding it yet so can't speak as to how easy that will be. Thanks for reminding me of it, I need to get working on it - maybe during some upcoming vacation time.
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    I like how it looks but i heard that it gets quite soft when heated.

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    I have a few scales of yellow C-Tec waiting in queue for an upcoming knife project. I'll have to get back to you on how it works/finishes. A knife-making buddy of mine says that it's kind of tricky material in terms of being rather fragile when drilling and sanding. He said that C-Tec has a tendency to chip easily when sanding/grinding (think carbon fiber). He recommended using sharp drill bits and new belts and working slowly. As M80 mentioned, I've heard that C-Tec has a tendency to get soft when it gets too hot. It will supposedly return to it's "normal" state once it cools. If I use C-Tec on a folder, I will probably use two liners vs. one in order to give it more support.

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