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Thread: Paramilitary 2's In Stock...

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    Paramilitary 2's In Stock...

    I'm still a newbie to this forum, so please go easy on me...

    I recently had a poor experience attempting to purchase a PM2 through Amazon. After that fell through, I tried calling around to local shops.

    I finally found one close to me (central Oklahoma), that has "several" PM2's IN STOCK!

    They are priced a little higher than the more popular sites. I'm impatient and after the Amazon debacle, I went ahead and made my purchase.

    Good folks at Sooner State Knives will take good care of you.

    (Be warned: the website is very very "simple" in'll see what I mean)

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    Welcome to the forum mate; I'm a newbie around here myself. There's a thread dedicated to the PM 2's being in stock so if you happen to find them available again or from a different vendor I'd post it there since a lot of guys probably subscribe to that thread for updates. You can find it here: Thanks for the heads up
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