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Thread: Replacement Scales?

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    Replacement Scales?

    Does Spyderco sell replacement scales for a Gayle Bradley?

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    Nope, Spyderco doesn't sell replacement scales for any models. There is a large community of aftermarket custom makers that can make scales for you, but they usually aren't cheap.

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    Maybe Spyderco should...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Officer Gigglez View Post
    Maybe Spyderco should...
    I agree, but I believe it has everything to do with where most Spyderco's are manufactured...overseas.

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    The scales should be fairly durable. Prob can be lightly sanded/polished by a qualified person to restore them.

    Have you broken or scuffed them badly?

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    The carbon fiber on my Chaparral has taken a beating, and is FAR more durable than I was expecting...both to scratches and impacts. It has a few small scrapes near the edges, but very very minor...overall it's easily one of my favourite handle materials. I prefer the patterned finish of it (The GB has the same pattern) to the smooth finish of the Caly in carbon fiber. The smooth finish will show scratches more for sure, but I also prefer the textured finish for it's grippiness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alnamvet68 View Post
    I agree, but I believe it has everything to do with where most Spyderco's are manufactured...overseas.
    Then again, they don't sell them for the US made models either, so it may simply be that the feel selling scales would be difficult to reconcile with their "disassembly voids your warranty" policy, Even more likely, it could simply be a question that most folks looking to replace scales would be wanting something other than the production ones, which would mean deciding which materials, colors, textures, etc to produce, and the inevitable "I'd buy them if only they were _________" posts that would result, because, no matter what they offered, nine out of ten potential customers would want "something else". Which is why leaving custom work to individual craftsmen is probably the best idea. FWIW, given that the Bradley uses proud liners, it would be among the easiest Spydercos to re-scale, since there's no need for either milling or precise fitting.
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