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Thread: Recommend me a straight razor

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    Recommend me a straight razor

    Hey guys,

    I am looking into getting a good straight razor for shaving and want to know your recommendations. All ideas welcome.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckd View Post
    ...I want to know your recommendations. All ideas welcome.
    Make sure to buy a styptic pencil before you get started.


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    Its going to come down to your budget more than anything, if you're not too sure about it you could always buy a cheap starter kit and upgrade later. I looked into it but decided double edge was a good compromise between affordable shaving and convenience, I prefer alum block to stop the blood.

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    Yeah I have seen straight shaving razors for anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. I guess its like with knives, the quality issue.

    The styptic pencils and alum blocks are a must.

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    The old carbon steel ones take great edges. I have an old Bengall that I restored.

    I think people are going to push you into the 100+ dollar dovo razors.

    I would check out the 8k, 16k and 30k Shapton glass stones for honing the razor.

    When it comes to stopping, my strop has been glued to a board, and it works fine. I would get some 0.1 micron diamond spray and load a strop with it, and get another strop to keep plain.
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    Keep your cost down if this is an uncertain future. A good quality cheap razor will shave hair as well as an expensive one. Make sure that the razor is honed to "shave ready" status, preferably by someone experienced. A strop will maintain the sharp character for quite a while as you learn the technique. Don't rush the learning curve.

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