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Thread: Spydies: Tools. not Toys..but......

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    Spydies: Tools. not Toys..but......

    Spyderco Knives, like all cutting instruments, are, as most of us here are well-aware, tools (and some of the best darned tools ever engineered!). However, just out of curiousity, do any of the rest of you at times enjoy snapping open the blade and hearing that satisfying sharp "click"? Sometimes, I admit, I am afraid to get too close to the Spyder Edge...the sharpness is incredible.

    This leads to another question, I don't know if anyone has asked it on the forum before: What is the MAXIMUM number of times one can open and close a standard Spyderco model, using the opening hole, before the mechanism will truly give out? Is it in the millions of times, I wonder? Has this been tested on machines? Or is it essentially (Practically) infinite?

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    Of course Spydercos can be enjoyed in more ways than strictly as a utilitarian tool. Almost all of mine are probably handled and looked at more than they're used to cut. I get a lot of satisfaction in appreciating the design and engineering that goes into knives, guns, cars, etc., as much or more than actually using them.

    As far as wearing out the mechanisms, I know I've never come close, and probably never will.
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    I like the lock click when it happens if as I'm using the knife but I don't generally do it just for fun. Same thing with my guns... I shoot them at the range but I don't take them out of the safe at home and screw around with them just for the fun of it.
    I suppose if you put a normal amount of stress on a locking mechanism it will last for a heck of a long time. If you snap it open hard excessively it will shorten the life somewhat.

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    The Sage 1 has the most amazing click!!
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    I do (knife fondling that is)

    None of my knives show any significant degradation yet.

    During my balisong fever, all of them wore fast (pivot, latch, pin) ...

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    Of COURSE they are toys. Big boy toys! Just like our cars, guns, tools, etc....

    You just gotta play nice!

    I'm sure that it's possible to wear out a locking mechanism, but I haven't on even ONE of my Spydies.
    EDC Everything! Our knives are TOOLS, not 'Objects d'art'. A 'Safe Queen' is an implied insult to the designer/manufacturer.

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