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Thread: Tenacious now showing up on AliEx... Presumed fake? Also more Militarys and Southards

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    Tenacious now showing up on AliEx... Presumed fake? Also more Militarys and Southards

    I check the site periodically to try to stay aware of the fakes that are out there and may start showing up on the bay. Came across a bunch of Tenacious listings selling for close to regular retail prices. Hard to tell from pics if they're actually knock-offs... Maybe they're real ones pictured?

    Also looks like the counterfeiters have gotten their hands on some authentic looking digi-cam G-10 for the fake Millies, first time I've seen this:

    Probably only a matter of time until it moves to the fake Paras.

    Fake Southards now being pushed out in five different colors:

    What a shame. Be careful out there.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Wow...making fake Southards in a colour combination never offered by Spyderco. I'd bet any Spyderco sold through AliEx is fake...and I'm sure never going to buy anything from a website that sells fake merchandise...even if they do have some real stuff.
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    The tenacious is actually made in China. So it may just be sneaking out the back door and cutting Spyderco out on their share... Or they might be some kinda unmarked blemished factory reject type thing just speculation. Probably totally fake like all the rest though those others using american steel an whatnot are obviously totally fake and mislabeled about materials.
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    Whats the point of faking a $35 knife? At any rate criminals are stupid so its not much of a surprise they would do something like that, its a shame things like this exist.

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    Well...uuh..... all i can say to that is PLEASE MR.SAL WAN WE HAS CF SOUTHARDS LOL
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    Camo scale now on para 2 also. Watch out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChunk91 View Post
    Whats the point of faking a $35 knife?
    I were thinking the same thing.

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