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Thread: Keychain knife retention methods

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    Spyderco Dragonfly in On-Scene Tactical's kydex micro rig is on my keyring.

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    A bit late but here is a picture of how I carry my Manbug sometimes. I don't use my keys but a Fenix LD01 flashlight instead. The light has a clip so I can clip it in my pocket with the knife hanging in or out of my pocket. The knife and light are easily seperated. When they are not connected I use the other FOB on the light to hang outside my pocket to grab. I don't like using a keychain knife when there is a bunch of stuff (keys) attached. The light is not bad but can be disconnedted also.

    My EDC for a while. Stretch with carbon fiber handle, Chaparral 2, Dragonfly 2 with kirinite MOP handle, Manbug with bolster/red bone handle. Super blue/420J1 blades on all three (except Chaparral).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syncharmony View Post
    Hi, I'm curious what other people use to fasten their ladybugs, manbugs, etc to their keychain? Something that allows for release from the keychain seems like a good idea, but I haven't come across the perfect system yet. I've thought of doing something like a stainless steel S-biner.

    A clip like this seems like it would work pretty well too. The only picture I could find is upside down, sorry.

    What do you use?
    I have a bag of those I got from Photon. I use one for my Manbug. Want one? I'll mail it to you NC.

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