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Thread: Uk pen knife

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    Uk pen knife

    After "cooling down" on new spyders the last year or 2.
    The spyderbug inside went active again.

    In the past 2 years i only bought a blue ffg delica and used the hell out of it. ( and it is still alive and kicking )

    And then a month ago i found small etched cricket in a little shop when visiting the coast. ( I live in Belgium ) And thx to that small little knife my passion for collection woke again.

    Now i just opent the box of a uk pen knife 2 minutes ago...
    And i love it !!! crazy sharp, very light and strong. what more can a guy want!

    Sal and crew thank you for keeping the quality so high over the years! your still the best!

    Now a little question can you guy's tell me what the hardness on this Cts bd1 steel is ? because i'm afraid i have some catching up to do



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    Can't comment on BD-1, but I recently picked up an older blue UKPK in Gin-1. It immediately became one of my favs and is my primary office knife, unseating my Chaparral. Came screaming sharp, love the ergos, and I've come to almost prefer that it doesn't have a lock. So easy to push closed just by putting the spine on my pant leg. Congrats on the pick-up

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