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Thread: Subway vs Blimpie vs Other Submarine Sandwich/Hero/ Sandwich places?

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    I use to eat at Subway all the time and would get a BMT mostly. Don't eat there that often now a days but the reason I liked it back then was they were the only place that had jalapeno peppers. No one else seemed to have them in the past, at least around here. These days I go to this Mom and Pop called Bonanza. Best subs around and one of the cheapest.

    Back in '99 I was working in a small town that had a Subway. At that time I would eat at Subway all the time but the one in this small town was the worst Subway I've ever been in. First I go into the bathroom to wash up but they didn't have any cold water and ended up scolding my hands a bit to wash the soap off. Go to the counter to order my BMT and ask for jalapeno peppers. The lady says they don't have them and I ask "Why not?" She said they would have to charge extra. I then get my cup to get my iced tea. Problem is, the ice machine had no ice for my ice tea. I then ask her to speak to the manager and she says she is the manager. So I ask her if they charge extra for ice. I get my sub, sit down and dig in to my delicious BMT and she was kind enough to add a bit extra in the sub. Staples. Yes, there were staples in the sub. I go back up with the sub and ask if she could make another which she does. I sit down and slowly take a couple bites of the new sub. Even though she put olives on this one I took a third bite and I get a mouthful of staples with my sub. I then walk up, smile at her and notify that this one also has staples and politely throw it on the counter where the subs are prepared. Last time I went to that Subway but have enjoyed every once in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipsted View Post
    For my money, Schlotzsky's can't be beat. They aren't nationwide yet - but they've got the best sandwiches I've ever eaten...

    Hear, Hear
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    There's a Subway just across the way from me. Never been there in the 11 years I've lived in this neighborhood. It's attached to the local gas station. So, not a full-blown Subway shop. Though now I'm tempted to try it.
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    I don't know how the other sub shops treat extras, but whenever I go to Subway, I get double to triple extra of all the vegetables/toppings, and I have never been charged extra for them. The sub maker usually finds it difficult to close the sandwich, so I just tell him to leave it open and put it on a tray if I'm dining in. For carryout one time, Scotch tape was used to keep the sandwich paper closed due to the abundance of extras. Bang for the buck!
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    Locally Penn Station puts our Subway to shame. And like you said, Mom and Pop places or local (not chain) grocery Deli's tend to be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyderEdgeForever View Post
    Opinions? What do you like best? Blimpie seems to give the largest portions but some Subway sandwiches are nice, like the meatball and cold cut trio.

    Though, the local mom and pop places seem to be the best when it comes to dedicated hero sandwiches.

    Subway has been my go to since I was a wee little lad.
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    Subway isn't what is was, I remember back in the day they use to slice the meat, now it's premade like everthing else. But if your're starving it tastes good. Gary

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryC View Post
    Subway isn't what is was, I remember back in the day they use to slice the meat, now it's premade like everthing else. But if your're starving it tastes good. Gary
    Why do you think they changed this? Easier and more efficient as opposed to hand-slicing it for each sandwich?

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