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Thread: Chaparral 2 disassembly?

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    Chaparral 2 disassembly?

    Just cleaned my Chaparral 2 and it is buttery smooth. I don't see any reason I would disassemble it but if I do I don't want to have any problems. I disassembled my CF Chaparral many times. Having liners there is a pin and screw hidden under the CF at the front of the back spacer and at the pivot point of the lock bar. On the ti model there is no liner so I picture a pin going through the pivot of the lock bar and at the front of the back spacer. The ends of each pin are in holes in the titanium that don't go all the way through. Therefore we don't see them when the knife is assembled.

    Has anyone disassembled a Chaparral 2? Is what I imagine the knife accurate? Is there any special trick to putting the thing back together?

    Thanks for any help.


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    its the exact same as the cf one except the cutout is in the titanium, not the steel liners. its just as easy putting back together as the cf chaparral. you wont have any problems
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