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Thread: Knifecenter XHP Native?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomAiello View Post
    I looked at it 2 days ago and it was $79.95.

    I'm not sure when the sale started, but the $10 price jump and the moving sale seemed to happen at almost the same time.
    Looks like it was introduced 11/27 at that price, which was advertised as an introductory discount price. Probably just a random coincidence.

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    Knifecenter has 20% off everything today until midnight.

    I ended up placing an order for this. Price was $74.95 shipped with normal shipping.

    I feel like it's been years since I've carried a Native Lightweight.
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    The sale got me to, but to make it a better deal I ordered a Sharpmaker along with the Native. I've been shopping around for the Sharpmaker and with their 20% off they had the best price. I got both for under $120 shipped.

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    Thought I'd chime in and say these are still in stock. No sale, but whatever. I just ordered one

    Never had a LW Native before. I've had a N5 (I've decided to gift it) and liked it but I prefer the LW Native by far so I had to jump on this. For some reason, when I ordered my N5 back then I didn't realize the LW was available as well lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by btron View Post
    Thought I'd chime in and say these are still in stock. No sale, but whatever. I just ordered one
    yup still a really good deal...and a good substitute until the LW N5 with 4 way clip is available
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