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    Sage 1 Review...

    Here is a review of the Sage 1 that I received recently


    Spyderco does better than any other knife company I have dealt with with their packaging. Knife came very securely taped into the slide out box. Inside it was a completely sealed plastic with all the usual paperwork and letter from Spyderco. Very great packaging. Obviously not a fake in any way.


    This is my favorite knife handle I have ever seen, pics are below. The Carbon Fiber overlay is great. Not as grippy as G-10 but it does havce some grip. More than anything else it looks amazing, the quality that the knife has is just amazing. It looks perfect, I have seen corny looking Carbon Fiber before and this is nothing like it.

    The open back on the handle is great, cleaning the knife will be very very easy and the construction is completely solid, feels more solid than a knife that weighs only 3.2 oz.

    The ergonomics are fantastic, pictures below show the most common grips I would imagine and both feel great, but the grip with the index finger on the choil is just amazing, it is the most secure and ergonomic grip I have ever felt on a knife.


    Blade is made from S30V Steel, high quality steel that will hold an edge very well, I have a few other knives in this edge and its great. I expect it to hold an edge very well. The blade is a full flat grind, the slicing ability will be fantastic like all of Spyderco's full flat grinds. The full grind on the leaf shaped blade is the most beautiful grind I have ever seen.You can see the grind if that makes sense. BEAUTIFUL!


    In my opinion one of the best knives for the money, maybe THE BEST knife for the money. Don't let the Taiwan manufacturing make you think twice, it is better than the Golden knives I have handled and that really says something!

    Pics and Comparisons, I tried to get a good variety so that you are able to get a good size comparison. The Sage 1 is very comparable to the mini grip, apart from the fact that it fits much better in hand imo.

    Sage 1

    Sage 1 & Manix 2 XL

    Sage & Endura 4

    Sage & Benchmade Mini-Griptilian

    Here is the grip with my index finger down on the knife how i normally hold knives, this grip feels good but not nearly as good as the next view.

    The hold below is great! This knife is just as great in the hand with this grip as the manic 2 XL is. It is amazing how well Spydie knives fit in the hand. I can't believe the Sage and the Manix 2 XL both fit so amazing in hand.

    Here are my general thoughts so far.....Spark Notes if you will

    - QC is better than any knife I have ever held. Amazing, I'm sold on Taichung! Never hesitate to buy a taiwan Spydie!

    - Im terrible at judging size off the spec sheet, I still thought it was going to be bigger than it is in hand. Its a great size though. I am used to the manic xl though so.....

    - Wire clip is great, rides very deep in the pocket.

    - Not nearly as grippy as a G-10 handle, but it is more grippy than i expected the Carbon Fiber to be.

    - Definitely a gentlemens folder. I don't think it would put anyone off by the size, like a military or the manic XL could.

    - Ergo's are fantastic, just feels great.

    - Blade is screaming sharp from the factory.

    - If you don't have one put it at the top of your list! I don't see any knife surpassing this for EDC anytime soon.

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