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Thread: caly 3 or another delica

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    Isn't that why spyderco makes so many models? Variety is the spice of life and opens up so many "THREADS"!!!

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    Caly 3.5 all day. I am not a fan of the delica with ffg. With g10 it is amazing looking.

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    Well.. Pulled the trigger on a sprine run Caly3 SB.. See what all the talk is about!! KOOL!! John
    A great rabbit chase ends with a.. BANG!!!

    Never too old to relive your youth!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeloWeave View Post
    I have found that my Delica which has bushings is not nearly as smooth as my Caly 3 ZDP without bushings. I don't know how Spyderco does it but Caly is more than twice as smooth and it gets smoother still with use.
    I own 4 CF Caly3 in ZDP189 and 3 Caly 3.5 in Vg10 and 7 Delicas.You can imagine I appreciate Caly line a lot but any of my Caly folders, is not as smooth as my Delicas.
    It is for the first time I hear someone saying(or writing) that Caly is more than twice as smooth than a Delica !!!.And I wonder how can you tell ?!....Maybe it's a joke..

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