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    Moon glow dragonfly

    Just about finished this up (I still have to flare the lanyard tube today) but I'm proud of it, my first time working with the material. This is a gift for a good friend ( who will probabily chime in).

    Anyone else got a custom moon glow project they want to share?

    Just to elaborate as to what's going on with the lanyard tube there and why it needs flared- the factory tube is held in by its ends being flared inside the G10 scales, to get it out it pretty much either has to destroy the scales or be drilled out so it doesn't, not wanting to damage the factory scales I drilled it out and have replaced it with a piece of Ti tubing that I flame anodized (to match the clip) and I'm going to install it with a flare tool the same as factory, that's why it's looking a little deformed ATM, I don't have the right size die till I get over to my buddies house.
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