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    Diving Spyderco sighting

    Hi guys,

    Last weekend technical divers and volunteers back to the Infidel wreck around Catalina Island USA to remove ghost nets. Their team goal is to remove all the nets spread on and around the boat.

    And do you know which tool they use to cut the net?

    Atlantic Salt

    For those who don't know this Spyderco:

    Another proof that SpyderEdge are the best way to cut rope or fiber material. SpyderEge power!

    I have a question for the Spyderco crew.

    This diving team is sponsorized by some brand like EezyCut, Halcyon or Scubapro and we can see this equipment used during the operation across the media like this picture.

    Is Spyderco is a sponsor or the diver use the Atlantic on its own initiative?

    They also use EezyCut, an incredible efficient diving cutting tool:

    More information about the "Ghost Fishing":

    Ghost fishing is a term that describes what happens when derelict fishing gear ‘continues to fish’

    Derelict fishing gear, sometimes referred to as “ghost gear” or “ghost nets” is any discarded, lost, or abandoned, fishing gear in the environment. This gear continues to fish and trap animals, entangle and potentially kill marine life, smother habitat, and act as a hazard to navigation. Derelict fishing gear, such as nets or traps and pods, is one of the main types of debris impacting the marine environment today.

    And do you know which tool they use to cut the net?
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