First off, don't get me wrong, I love Spyderco and just about everyone of its products. But let's be honest sometimes we just want something different every once in a while. I pretty much have my basic needs met as far as standard production knives go. Lately I've just wanted something a little extra nice outside the realm of spyderco. I narrowed it down to the CRK plain sebenza 21 or a strider sng. Well I finally dropped that down to just the sebenza. I'm not gonna ask if you think it's actually worth the money because that is all subjective and I'm sure people vary from one extreme to the other. My questions for you guys is, what exactly drew you to the sebenza 21 and what do you like/love about it and what could you do without when it comes to it and what you don't like. Any pics of a nice broken in one would be great! I love to see that worn Ti look! If anyone has any long term stories on theirs I'd love to hear them too!