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Thread: CPM Cru-Wear What do we know so far ?

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    CPM Cru-Wear What do we know so far ?

    Hi everybody,

    "Powder produced CPM® CRU-WEAR® ups the ante. Through powdered steel technology, the steel is made easier to machine with improved resistance to chipping over the original smelted CRU-WEAR®. The powdered variety also attains a higher hardness factor through greater percentages of tungsten and molybdenum that result in a secondary hardening response."

    Does it mean CPM CRU-WEAR is different in composition ?
    Where could I find it ?

    So far, it's seems to be a steel cousin to CPM3V.
    It got a very good respond to leather stropping.
    And I was not able to create a patina on my Millie.

    So what do you know about CPM Cru-wear so far?

    Cheers Nemo
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