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Thread: Salt 1 or Atlantic Salt?

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    Salt 1 or Atlantic Salt?

    If you could get one of these, which would you personally pick? The Salt 1 or the Atlantic Salt with Sheepsfoot blade?

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    I would do salt 1. I like the blade shape more. But I would do a serrated edge pacific salt before anything else.

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    The Atlantic is going to outcut the Salt 1 based on length and geometry. The Salt is going to be easier to carry (legally and size) plus has a real point on it.

    If you don't have a serrated knife or rescue it might be worth trying out. The Salt1 is going to be a more well rounded tool.

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    I really like the Salt 1 - I probably carry this knife more than any other Spyderco because it's so light and I'm not afraid to beat on the edge because of how tough the steel is and I know that I can restore the edge easily should it get dulled or rolled. It's the knife I slip in my pocket when I get home from work and also on the weekends around the house.

    I think the Salt 1 and Pacific Salt knives are what the 4th Gen Delica and Enduras should have been - no steel liners and large deployment hole. Just my opinion

    I also have yet to be in a situation where a serrated blade would have been more useful than a PE knife.

    "Each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked." - Nehemiah 4:18

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    Both are fantastic, but the Salt 1 is a great all arounder. It's my most used knife.
    - best wishes, Jazz.

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    For my EDC needs, a Salt1 PE would be my choice and I would reprofile it to look similar to a Caly Jr like Roger had Tom do a few years ago.

    Roger's pic:

    WireEdge I never get tired of this picture. How is that knife these days?
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    Originally out of Arizona, currently live in Missouri.
    Tasman salt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Officer Gigglez View Post
    Tasman salt.
    Ill second that most used knife I have.
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