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Thread: What was your first Spyderco

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    Lancashire, UK
    I had a Buck lockback fishing knife from about 1996 to when I lost it aroung 2008.
    When I needed a replacement, I got a Leafstorm then shortly afterwards, an Urban Leaf. I then got bitten and within a year, had a small collection of Spydie sprints. Now I'm down to just 5 but I keep looking for the next one!
    Urban Leaf, Superblue Delica 4, Leafstorm, Brown XHP Native, Brown Para 2

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User systemofadown's Avatar
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    Hmmm.. Started with a tri-angle sharpmaker a couple weeks ago for touch ups if that counts Heard a lot about the PM2 for the last few months so I picked one up a few days ago - It really is a Nice EDC knife - fits my needs & personality quite well..

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    My first was the gray Calypso Jr sprint several years ago. Ended up giving that one to my wife after we had been going out a couple of months. One of my best friends actually got me interested in Spyderco when he showed me his old Delica...

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    I got a Paramilitary 1 some seven years ago, together with a Sharpmaker and, if memory serves me right, VG 10 serrated ladybug. Already in the 90's I was ogling Spyderco Bob Terzuola and Tim Wenger collab models, but being a poor student, couldn't afford to order any from across the pond.

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    My first was a Tenacious.. didnt used it alot in the first place but like a year ago i started to put it back in my pocket and now i cant go out without a spyder on me...
    Before that i used to keep ka-bars, Esee and cold steel knives on me but now the spyderco love is growing!

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    My first Spyderco was the Tasman Salt
    Laci Szabo, Military (digital camo), Navaja,Centofante 3 , Persian 2,Lum Chinese, Ladybug ZDP, Tasman Salt, Native,Viele, Spin, Persistance, Dragonfly, Manix 2

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    The black G10 S30V C36GPE Military. This was not only my first Spyderco, but also the first one-hand opening folder that I bought. Also it became my favorite. Everything else that I bought after it could not kick it out of my pocket. End up selling my ZT0300, my Lone Wolf Longhorn, my Emerson Horseman and my Chinese Folder Glass Fiber Handles. My Recon 1 is collecting dust next to my bed. It also learnt me that I carry strictly tip-down, unfortunately (probably due to my Xtra Small hands). It learnt me I don't care for hollow grinds nor back-locks. And it learnt me that the Spydie hole is my favorite opening mechanism and flat grind my favorite grind (together with convex). Bought three more Millies after that.

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    Oh I'll never forget my first. I got my first car, an 87 Camaro, in 2003. While cleaning it, I found an all stainless Delica in the back, I believe on the floor half tucked under the mat. It was fully serrated, though sharpened to all hell and the serrations were rather rounded. So was the tip. The worst part was the handle. It was engraved freehand with the name "Santoro". Whatever, it was my first knife worth more than $5 and what started it all. Unfortunately it is no longer in my possession, and I highly doubt I'll see it again. But that's another story.

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    Here's Mine:

    Chinook Prototype VG-10 Test Piece:

    Stay Sharp --
    -- SB / BRUCE

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