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Thread: Knife Rights: Automatic (Switchblade) Knives & Carry Over 4-inches Now Legal in TN

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    July 1st is Knife Freedom Day in Tennessee. Knife Rights' repeal of the ban on automatic (switchblade) knives and the carry of knives over four inches in length "with intent to go armed," a vague law subject to abusive interpretation, goes into effect today. Combined with Knife Law Preemption that Knife Rights passed in Tennessee last year, which rendered null and void all local laws more restrictive than state law, this means that all law-abiding citizens of the Volunteer State can now own and carry the knife of their choice.

    Knife Rights would like to recognize our two bills' sponsors, Senator Mike Bell and Representative Vance Dennis, for their hard work over two years reforming knife law in Tennessee. Knife Rights would also like to recognize Smoky Mountain Knife Works and Taylor Brands whose generous support helped Knife Rights create a Sharper Future™ for their fellow Tennesseans

    Knife Rights cautions that not all law enforcement officers may be aware of the change in the law, so be respectful, polite and cooperative if stopped, but suggest they may want to check before trying to enforce a law no longer on the books. All Knife Rights members should review attorney Evan Nappen's recently updated article, "Knife Arrest! How Knife Owners Can Protect Themselves."

    Tennessee is the 7th state in which Knife Rights has repealed a ban on switchblades and other knives. This makes 18 legislative victories by Knife Rights in just over four years, including defeating four anti-knife bills. Knife Rights has passed 14 pro-knife bills in 11 states. Knife Rights is rewriting knife law in America™!

    Help us continue to rewrite knife law in America™ with a donation that could win you your choice from over $125,000 in extraordinary prizes! Go to:
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    Woohoo. Now I just need to convince myself an auto knife is better or more practical than my Military.

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