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Thread: Spyderco Autonomy question

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    Spyderco Autonomy question

    hey guys and gals,
    I know its been a little while since i have posted but i have a quick question. I have been looking at the spyderco Autonomy for some time now. It would be the perfect knife for my job. I recently found a few for sale at a price i cant imagine is correct. Most of them where about $700. Im not complaining if that is the price. I just want to know if these retailers are trying to rip people off. it seems kind of fishy because spyderco sells similar knives for under $200. so im just curious if this is poor retailer ethics or if this is the price they are intended to sell at.

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    Some merchants put extremely high prices on items that are not in stock as "placeholders". If I had to venture a guess, that's what you're seeing since, AFAIK, the Autonomy hasn't been released yet.
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