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Thread: Paramilitary 2 off of Ebay

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    Question Paramilitary 2 off of Ebay

    First post here. I was reading through this forum and am now worried I may have a fake Paramilitary 2 on the way. My wife ordered me this knife from the link below for my birthday. Can you guys take a look at the link and let me know what you think? Thanks

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    I would say that based on the numbers it looks legit. To clarify, the dealer (seller) has positive feedback and has been on eBay since 1999. He also sells lots of other Spyderco models. I would venture to guess he is a dealer. Just my .02, but I would feel safe buying from him. Also the price doesn't seem "too good to be true".
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    Biggest tip-off I have seen is the low prices. I'd agree with xceptnl, think you're alright with this one.
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    As long as the knife they deliver matches the pictures, I think you'll be OK. There doesn't seem to be anything that jumps out at me screaming "fake" about the pictures.

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    So how did it turn out? I was thinking about ordering from the same dealer. Everything turn out legit?

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